Enrichment Daycare
For the dogs that like a lot of stimulation and play, this is a great option to get your four legged friend that full day of playtime.
More than five hours of daycare.
Enrichment Half Day
Some dogs are just done after a couple of hours of play, this option is great for those dogs to avoid overstimulation. Half day is 5 hours or less from the time you drop off.
Up to five hours of daycare.
Add-on Day Training
For the dog that needs fine tuning on their obedience skills, more mental stimulation, or improvement on skills. This is great for dogs with high energy!
Prerequisite: Completed 2 or more private training sessions, a beginner group class, or board & train program.
Overnight Boarding
We understand how hard it is to leave your pup overnight, which is why you want to leave them somewhere you can trust. We'll love your dog(s) like they're our own!
A full day of daycare is included in your night's stay.


Daycare and Boarding Policies

Daycare is not a replacement for training. If you expect to drop off your unruly dog so someone else can deal with it for the day then this might not be the place for you. We strive on the overall well being of a dogs mental state and sometimes just daycare alone is not going to accomplish that. It’s not just about being tired, its about being balanced and fulfilled. High energy dogs need more than just running around crazy all day. They benefit most from a combination of mental stimulation and exercise. Our Day training is perfect for this. We will take your dog out a couple of times throughout the day to practice obedience and manners.

For the time being we are using dog crates to house the dogs, much like you would in your own home. We have kennels but you are also welcome to bring your own if it is secure and undamaged. Our future plan for the coming months is for each dog to have their own private suite with glass front. If your dog is not used to being crated please let us know. Many dogs do absolutely fine when it is a new environment, however we do need to be aware of any history of breaking out or self injury.

Our training is like no other training facility you will find. We have such a unique approach that produces effective results, typically in a smaller time frame. We don’t believe in wasting time as time is valuable, and people are busy. From our group classes to our private training, we have an option for everyone.

For more information about our training services
visit Revolution Dog Services.





We are also proud to be partnering with DogsColorado to offer dog runs, group hikes or walks, in your home pet sitting and more. Contact them directly or utilize their services while your dog stays at the Zen Doggy Den, just make sure to mention you heard about them from us. This can be a great way to break up long stays, for the dogs with endless energy, or just to mix things up! Visit them at