Do you feel like your dog is so stuck in its ways, you wish you could reset and start over?

With our board and train program – which includes dog daycare – at Zen Doggy Den, you can do just that.

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When your dog is removed from the environment it is used to misbehaving in, it gets a chance to start fresh and learn to behave properly. We specialize in anxiety and even the most difficult dogs other places fail to help. Do you feel like you have gotten to a certain point with your dog but you just can’t get any further? You haven’t tried us yet! We are perfectly located for dogs (and owners) in and around Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Arvada and Denver, Colorado. Read a beautiful board & train success story here (or watch the video below!)

We now offer unlimited follow ups!

Implementing new commands and behavior takes a lot of repetition and building the ability to ignore distractions. Our Certified Dog Trainers/Behavior Consultants do the hard part for you! Your dog will learn commands, proper behavior, how to work under distractions and much more in our board and train sessions. Yes we do behavioral training, not just obedience!

We can help you choose the program that best suits your needs. Board and train works great for busy lifestyles, resetting your relationship, or even if you’re going on vacation and want to get your dog trained while you are gone! Dogs stay at our home-styled environment facility in Wheat Ridge during this program with 24/7 security system. Typically participating in our Daycare program throughout the day when not training.Text Zen Doggy Den today to book your dog’s board and train session!

If you’re not sure where to start, let us know and we can help you find the best fit for your dog’s needs during a free consultation. Call today!

Located at 4575 Wadsworth Blvd. Wheat Ridge, CO.

Areas servicing: Servicing homes in Wheat Ridge, Lakewood, Arvada, Denver, Boulder, and everywhere in between.


The following is a list of the general commands taught, but it can be tailored to your needs.

*Disclaimer* You must be shown how to apply what has been taught in order for the good behaviors to continue after the dog is returned to you. It is essential that you apply the new techniques in order for the dog to understand that you are going to remain consistent. It is not uncommon for a dog to test each new handler to see if they will follow the same rules. We will spend as much time as it takes to make sure you understand how to follow through with their newly learned commands and behaviors.



Our On-Leash Program consists of 2 weeks of dog boarding and training.

*This is not for serious behavioral issues, keep scrolling for our more intense boot camp*

Covers the basic commands of heel, sit, automatic sit, stay, down, come when called, specific place command, self-control, reduce jumping, nipping, and other similar behaviors. Your dog will have much better self-control and listening skills under distractions. Many of the dogs in this program also participate in our daycare during the day while not training, where we will monitor/improve their social skills and behavior around other dogs.

Includes a training session at completion to ensure the owner knows how to follow through with training at home. Unlimited follow ups for total piece of mind! All commands will be taught on a leash for this 2-week program. Book now!

Total Cost Of Basic Obedience Program: $2650. includes training collar (not a remote), a multifunctional training leash and UNLIMITED follow ups for what the program covered.

December Special – $250 off!
Sign up by Dec. 31st for training to begin in January or February.



Depending on the individual situation, 3 weeks may be required to complete our Basic Obedience Program when there is a more specific problem to address. Examples include: persistent leash reactivity or a problem that has become a habit over many years but you don’t want to do our full off leash program below.

We will help you decide which program is best before beginning or we will give you the option to decide after 1 week of the program — based on our recommendation. Of course the longer a dog stays, the more time it allows for proofing, reliability, and additional locations of practice. Book your spot today!

Total Cost of Basic Obedience Plus Program: $3900. Includes training collar (not a remote), a multifunctional training leash and UNLIMITED follow ups pertaining to what the program covered.

December Special – $250 off!
Sign up by Dec. 31st for training to begin in January or February.



For Off-Leash training or for more serious behavior issues Zen Doggy Den offers a 4-week program of dog boarding and training. This covers the same commands from our Basic Obedience Program, done on a leash first, then off-leash with the use of a remote-controlled collar. More time equals more reliability, more distractions, more proofing, and even more environments. This program is also great for dogs that need a major transformation, have high anxiety, intense fear, dog aggression and more! This program can often be extended by an extra week or two for $1000 additional if we feel we need a little more time with the dog to meet our expectations.

Includes a collar that is chosen based on temperament and a long line (remote collar is included! That’s a $200 Value). We only use E-collar technologies remote collars for safety and reliability. Includes a go home lesson at completion, and unlimited follow ups! Book now!

Off-Leash ProgramRemote collar included and Unlimited follow up lessons! $4900. Includes a training collar for on leash, an ecollar technologies remote collar ($200 value), and a multifunctional training leash. Includes UNLIMITED Follow Ups.

December Special – $400 off!
Sign up by Dec. 31st for training to begin in January or February.

*This 4-week board and train program is not only for solid obedience under high distractions and off-leash training but also for more serious behavior issues such as dog aggression. While we can’t promise every dog will become social again, we have had very good success integrating dogs back into a daycare type of setting during this program. Even a dog that was fear aggressive for over 6 years, now loves to play with dogs!  The only dogs we don’t accept for board and train programs are those that are severely human aggressive. This is best dealt with in private sessions with the owner present.*

Freedom! This program gives them the freedom to be a dog but peace of mind for the owner. Now hikes and camping just became so much more fun!

We do not feel you can be 100% safe having your dog off leash without the use of a remote controlled collar. There are too many variables that could potentially cause your dog to realize it is off leash and decide to ignore a command. Your dog could be hit by a car, run away, or injure another dog or person. Remote controlled collars are very safe when introduced properly, and are an excellent tool to provide peace of mind when your dog is off leash. Dogs will stay at our home-styled environment facility in Wheat Ridge for all board and train programs. Call our team at Zen Doggy Den today with any questions or comments!

Why our programs are unique:

  • We train on leash first in all our programs. This is SO important. We want to be sure your dog knows what is fully expected of them and the best way to do that is show them. No slapping remote collars on dogs without proper foundations with us!
  • We take our time. We see a lot of programs offering board and train for one week?! It takes 2 weeks minimum to ingrain behaviors, but that still requires strict owner follow through to make it past their magic “3 week or more moments.” Yes you can teach in one week but we are very skeptical of how fairly dogs are being trained/proofed in just one weeks time. This is why we call our 4 week program the major transformation because that’s where we really get to see a whole new dog. Our 2 week is a great start and that’s why we label it *not for serious behavior issues*.
  • Daycare with board and train. For social dogs they automatically participate in our daycare when they aren’t training. For anti social dogs, we have the facility to rehabilitate them back to being social if desired.
  • Certified Trainers/Behavior consultants. We have 3 Certified Trainers at our facility so your dog gets training from multiple people. This helps them not only get extra practice but learn to listen to more than one person to help increase the rate of transfer to the owner at completion.
  • Every dog is unique! We tailor each program to the specific needs of the owner and the dog. While we have our general outline we begin with, it will always mold to each situation.
  • Unlimited follow ups! That’s right, if you are having trouble implementing the newly learned behaviors or struggled in a certain environment – just contact us and schedule a follow up at no additional cost. We want to preserve the hard work we put into your dog!
  • We care! You are not just a number to us. We want to know how your dog is doing and we want to continue to offer guidance throughout their life. It’s even better when dogs keep coming for daycare or boarding after one of our programs. Then we get to check up on them and maintain the relationship we build with you and your dog. A bonus for us – we won’t miss them so much!

Our professional dog training is like no other training facility you will find. We have such a unique approach that produces effective results, typically in a smaller time frame. 

We don’t believe in wasting time as time is valuable, and people are busy. From our private lessons to our board and training, we have an option for everyone.