Wheat Ridge’s Best Daycare For Dogs

At Zen Doggy Den in Wheat Ridge, we focus on quality playtime mixed with necessary rest time as this provides the dogs with a balanced routine to keep them happy and healthy. Daycare for dogs is a great way to keep your furry friends active while you are away during the day. Instead of leaving them home alone to lie around, our certified dog trainers help to increase the dog’s social levels and behavior outside of the home. Contact our staff today with questions or comments about our dog daycare services!


Half Day Doggy Daycare

Some dogs are just done after a couple of hours of play. This option is great for those dogs to avoid over-stimulation. Half-day is 5 hours or less from the time you drop off.

2 dogs: $36/day

3 dogs: $53/day

Up to five hours of daycare


Full Day Doggy Daycare

For the dogs that either desire or require an increased amount of stimulation and play, this is a great option to get your four-legged friend that full day of playtime.

2 dogs: $56/day

3 dogs: $82/day

More than five hours of daycare.



Since our Full-Day Daycare service has become the most common, we have started offering a variety of package options. These Full-Day Daycare Packages not only provide you discounted prices, but they also allow you to have peace of mind that your dog will be taken care of. Purchase the desired package and book the needed days in advance to plan out your week or month ahead of time. While these packages are non-refundable, they never expire — allowing you to use up the prepaid days as you need them and on your own time. Contact our staff at Zen Doggy Den today with questions or comments!


Does not expire




Does not expire




Does not expire




You’ll find that our standards and requirements are a bit different than other dog daycare centers. At Zen Doggy Den, it is our mission to provide your dog with everything they need to flourish. Our expert staff has done extensive research on the specific environment and everyday needs of different types of dogs so that we can cater our facility to fulfill your dogs needs accurately and effectively. Contact Zen Doggy Den in Wheat Ridge today for more information!

Flexible Drop-Off and Pick-Up Times

Unlike many dog daycare centers, Zen Doggy Den has extremely flexible drop-off and pick-up times. We understand that everyone has varying schedules and that hitting a certain time slot may add stress to your life. It has been proven that dogs can sense and are affected by their owner’s stress levels. In our mission to do what is best for your dog and to provide top-tier customer service, we allow drop-offs and pick-ups to occur anytime during our normal open hours.

Shyness/ Aggression

We absolutely need to know if your dog has ever been in a fight and what the circumstances were. If your dog is shy or has a mild fear of new surroundings, there is no reason to worry. We will ease them into it to ensure they’re comfortable. If you aren’t sure how your dog will react to other dogs or a new dog daycare center, then we highly recommend you do training sessions with us prior to coming to daycare. Contact Zen Doggy Den today with questions!

No Traditional Trial Days

Instead of trial days, we just want you to begin coming! We don’t feel it’s fair to judge a dog after a couple of hours. It often takes multiple days for them to get used to a new routine and environment before they reveal their best selves. However, please be open with our staff if your dog has known aggression issues with other dogs so that we are able to give them and the others the best care possible. Continue reading to learn about our approach for aggression!

No Spay or Neuter Requirements

More and more research is coming out suggesting that we may be wrong to spay and neuter dogs at such an early age. It also statistically hasn’t done much, if anything, to help our overpopulation problem. We feel natural is the best route unless there is a problem, so we leave it up to the owner to decide when and if spaying or neutering is best for their dog. If we see a problem in daycare arising from it, we will assess and let you know if we think it’s related to that.

Small Group Dog Daycare

We don’t believe in large groups, ever. While many dogs do fine in large groups, as proven by other facilities in the area that have upwards of 40-60 dogs at a time, it’s only a matter of time before you see behavior problems arise from this particular setting. For this reason, we separate the dogs at Zen Doggy Den into small groups of typically 2-3 dogs at a time, and rotate them throughout the entire day. You can read more about why we do this under our protocol.


Even old dogs can learn new tricks, and where better than dog daycare to learn simple skills that improve your dog’s behavior and well-being? While we require that your dog has some past training experience with Zen Doggy Den, as soon as that is complete, our certified dog trainer will schedule a part of the daycare day to do private training with your dog to work on the specific skills you desire your dog to learn. Contact our dog trainers today for more information!

Add-On Day Training

Add training sessions into your dog’s daycare routine to fine-tune their obedience skills, provide them more mental stimulation, or to improve on specific skills. Add-On Day Training is great for dogs with high energy and those that are lacking training in certain areas.

Prerequisite: Dogs must complete two or more private training sessions, a beginner group class, or a board and train program through Zen Doggy Den prior to Add-On Day Training.