Q: When Can I Come For A Tour?

At the moment, we prefer weekdays at 2pm or 2:30. You will need to schedule this ahead of time. If you absolutely can’t make those times work then we can occasionally arrange a weekend.

Q: How Often Should My Dog Come To Daycare?

We recommend 1 time a week minimum if possible, 2 is even better. This is to ensure some predictability. Dogs are more likely to be confused or stressed when it is so sporadic such as a couple times a month. (Doesn’t count when you are preparing for boarding but we do recommend starting 2 weeks prior) Most of our regulars come 2-3 times a week and many 4-5.

Q: What Does A Typical Day Look Like For My Dog?

Dogs get morning potty, then feeding with some rest after eating. Then our rotations start. Dogs go out for 20-30 minutes of playtime then rest, then more go out, and the cycle continues all day long. We do it this way so your dog gets a good amount of play time but not so much that they are exhausted or over stimulated. Even high energy dogs can get too much exercise and we aren’t trying to train an athlete that you can never keep up with. The recommended amount of exercise for dogs is 30 minutes to 2 hours per day depending on breed and energy level. With that in mind does it make sense to have them in a room with other dogs running around for an entire day with no rest? We want your dog to be fulfilled but not so tired they can’t pick their head up. We still want you to always communicate with us if you feel your dog is not tired enough or you have other concerns and we are always willing to try new things to make it right according to what is best for the dog.

Q: Do You Charge Extra For Cuddles, Playtime, Outside Time, Etc?

No our rates are all inclusive. Why should you have to pay extra to have your dog taken care of properly? The only thing we charge extra for are baths and add on items of food, treats or similar. **occasionally there may be an additional fee if your dog requires special care such as coming to us after surgery**

Q: I Need To Board My Dog Quickly, Do I Need To Rush To The Vet And Get A Bordetella Vaccine?

Please don’t. We feel it is completely your decision to get a bordetella (kennel cough/canine cough vaccine) and for this reason we do not require it. This is due to the fact that the vaccine only protects against a few strains of the virus, and there are dozens! Therefore, we would much rather you didn’t stress your dog’s immune system before changing their environment by boarding them. Doing so will cause a higher risk of illness. It also takes two weeks just to build immunity, so getting it right before boarding will not benefit them in any way. Lastly, it is a live virus and can shed to other dogs for some time after getting the vaccine, so it is a higher risk to us for you to get it — than not to get it at all. **if you do get a new one please keep your away from other dogs for a minimum of 5 days**

Q: What If My Adult Dog Has Never Boarded Before?

We recommend having them come for a couple days of either half-day or full-day daycare to get them acclimated. We do require at least one full day however. When they have seen that they come and then go home, it makes them much more comfortable to do overnight boarding.

Q: What If My Dog Doesn’t Tend To Do Well With Other Dogs?

We understand that some dogs are just “people dogs” and don’t have the desire to socialize with other dogs. We do recommend training if you haven’t already, and later maintenance-training during their stays can be very beneficial to preventing boredom. We will do our best to accommodate dogs that require a “quiet area” away from other dogs.

Q: Do You Offer A Free Day Of Daycare?

We do not, and the reason is because we feel dogs often need a little time to warm up. Of course dogs that are used to going to daycare all the time are going to jump right in, but dogs that are used to one-on-one type of playtime with other dogs, might take a few days to fully open up. In the end, we don’t think it’s fair to judge your dog based on one half or full day, as it doesn’t mean your dog won’t do well in a few days. Instead, we take our time trying to make sure your dog is successful, rather than just throwing them into a big group to “see how they do.” Of course if your dog is instantly aggressive, we will have to recommend you complete one of our training programs before trying daycare again — in that scenario we may not charge for the day on a case-by-case basis. We take our time with each and every dog to get to know them and feel it is only fair to charge for the time and effort we put in.

Q: Can I bring my dog’s bed, bowls etc?

Please keep items to a minimum. We need you to bring your own food in an airtight container with a scoop or pre-portioned bags. We do not need bowls, we have our own for food and water. Beds are very difficult to clean and dogs can do different things during boarding than when they are home so we prefer not to have the responsibility of your bed, blankets etc. We do have our own that we are happy to provide for dogs that are safe to have them. Most of our pens are 4×4 in size so if you have a raised cot you would like to bring, those are acceptable!