How do we maintain a balanced dog mentally and physically during daycare? We use a rotation protocol to keep your dog mentally stimulated, while allowing rest time approximately every 30 minutes. Dogs typically play really hard for the first 30 minutes, and then they end up either hanging around uninterested, or they get over stimulated and start getting cranky. You all have seen that dog that just won’t relax! Rotation avoids this from happening, and they get happy and excited to go out each time they rotate—in a more stable way.

Instead of having this one-size-fits-all idea that if your dog doesn’t get along with every dog, they can’t participate in daycare is unfair. We can match them to playmates they enjoy the company of to create “best friends”. Your dog isn’t always going to enjoy the company of every dog and how they play, it makes so much more sense to pair them with similar playstyles, size, and temperaments. You don’t want to be good friends with everyone you meet, why would your dog?

Did you know you can over socialize your dog? It happens like this: You take your dog to daycare, but maybe they are a little shy or unsure of the new place. The daycare doesn’t do rotation and designated rest time, so your dog is kept in this shy state for hours and hours. Your dog gets no time to decompress, and then this unsure and shyness ends up having the opposite effect. Now your dog starts becoming reactive to other dogs or snapping because they just don’t know how to escape this feeling. If the dog was in a rotation, he would have time in between to relax, absorb his surroundings, and decompress — therefore much more likely to show a positive result and more enjoyment each time he is taken back out.

We know dogs, and we will not put dogs in a situation in which we KNOW could possibly lead to behavior problems or create a higher risk of fights. We put the dogs best interest first, and there is a reason behind all of our methods. Contact us today with questions or concerns!