Puppy Training at Zen Doggy Den

Congratulations on your new puppy! Word of advice… get your puppy used to everything now. Don’t wait as there are certain social aspects that need to be done as early as possible. That’s where puppy training at Zen Doggy Den in Wheat Ridge Colorado comes in. 

We recommend slow exposure (and puppy training!).

Try to do one new thing each day. This could be to meet one new person, meet one new dog, or see one new place (even if it’s just a different street than the one you live on).

Our doggy daycare works really well for new puppies because we don’t overwhelm them. We give them one new playmate at a time and slowly build from there. 

We never do large groups as this can cause a dog to become “over socialized” where it has the opposite effect and the dog starts to not enjoy the company of many dogs or people. 

One important thing to remember is that socialization doesn’t need to mean your dog is touched by another dog or person. It just means exposure, so walking by and seeing things and people counts as socializing. 

Lastly don’t put so much emphasis on puppy classes if your goal is to focus on socializing. It is much more beneficial to go to parks and walk down city streets just having your dog pass everything, than sitting in a room with a bunch of other puppies going crazy trying to pull to each other. 

Of course there are some good structured obedience classes out there but typically whenever we hear “puppy socialization,” it’s more of a free for all group of craziness. This can introduce bad behavior – the exact opposite of what you’re going for!

Puppies are constantly learning new things. Good or bad, so let us set a good foundation. Come in for puppy training and daycare at Zen Doggy Den, led by Master dog trainers. 
Give your puppy the chance to be the best they can be, reduce anxiety, and create a happy partnership. We’re here when you’re ready! Click to learn more.

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