Should You Try Doggy Day Care for Your Dog?

Doggy daycare can help your dog manage their stress with pack play, add-on training, and just a change of scenery!  And for us humans too, sometimes our furry friends can interrupt us quite a bit while working from home. Or, on the flip side, you may have a job that keeps you away from home so long during the day that your pup has had accidents, or just seems stressed when you return. 

And if you’re a parent, you might also know the struggle of effectively watching and playing with both human and fur babies – especially if we’re trying to manage a busy schedule on top of it, so what can you do? 

Doggy daycare to the rescue!

Trying out doggy daycare for the first time can seem intimidating, but keep reading on to learn about its benefits and the types of daycare we offer!

Benefits of Doggy Daycare

Doggy daycare is a great place for dogs to not only release pent-up energy, but to interact with other dogs as well! This might be especially helpful if your dog doesn’t have any “friends” at home to play with. 

We have personally heard from our clients that this benefit of simply allowing their dog to play and interact with other dogs makes doggy daycare worth it. At Zen Doggy Den, we take great care to support our dogs being happy and healthy, providing age/breed/temperament appropriate playtime and interaction. 

We want them to leave happy and tired once they’re ready for pickup at the end of the day!

Another main benefit of doggy daycare, specifically at Zen Doggy Den, is the training element! 

Dogs who typically have destructive or undesirable behaviors because of boredom or loneliness might start to improve as a result of being around other dogs at daycare. With us, it is easy to always add on a training session to your doggy daycare package, which ensures that your pup is getting one-on-one training!

Who Can Benefit from Doggy Day Care?

Firstly, your dog! Getting used to different environments helps aid your dog’s adaptability. Socialization can ease a lot of anxiety in dogs too!

Who else? Anyone really, but these types of folks often can benefit from doggy day care the most. 

If you are:

  • Working from home (and need less interruptions)
  • Parenting small children (or any kiddo who could use your full attention)
  • Starting a new project (and could use some free time!)
  • Unable to exercise your dog regularly
  • Want to add on a bit of training (we do that as we’ve mentioned!)

Tips for Making the Most Out of Add-On Training with Doggy Daycare

To get the most out of the experience, it’s important to continue any training or behavior reinforcement your dog has become used to at daycare at home. Not only will this strengthen your relationship with your dog, but it will be easier to train your dog over time and will most likely take less time. 

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Daycare

We understand that you want the best for your dog when it comes to choosing a doggy daycare. We do too! This is why we want you to know what sort of questions you should ask when touring a doggy daycare facility. 

These questions can include:

  • Do you organize the dogs based on size/weight?
  • How do you deal with fights between the dogs when they happen?
  • Do they have an outside area to play?
  • How often do you clean the playing areas and kennels?

By asking these questions, you can be more confident that you are choosing a doggy daycare that is up to your standards! 

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