Dogs are here to socialize, get energy out and become more balanced mentally and physically. With our whole dog approach, we pay special attention to each dog so we can report back to you if there is something they could benefit from, need work on, or just to tell you how awesome your dog is! We want daycare to improve your dogs life and therefore we aren’t afraid to tell you if group play is not appropriate for your dogs temperament. Dogs are encouraged to play in a calmer way than traditional daycares by preventing the level of energy from reaching a height that leads to an overtired, mentally wired dog. Nap times are provided to help achieve this at our discretion. Dogs will be grouped according to size, temperament and play style. If your dog loves to play chase then they get paired with dogs that prefer to play that way. We also have rules, no humping, excessive barking, or bullying of other dogs allowed. If your dog does this repeatedly we will recommend some training with us, believe it or not training at home also effects how dogs behave in daycare.

What Our Friends Say…

    review rating 5  Julie did a wonderful job with my dog, Oscar. She is gentle with him and the board and train was definitely effective. He learned a lot in two weeks, and she did a good job conveying the training to me so I can continue the process. He still has some learning to do, but is so much easier to control now and he understands the commands. He was sad to see her go when she dropped him off at my home, so that shows he was bonded with her as well. Thanks a bunch, Julie for working so well with him.

    thumb Katrina Brink

    review rating 5  Julie was an unbelivable help training our one-year-old blue heeler puppy (and us) who has a ton of enegry and isn’t always the best around kiddos. Highly recommend her!!

    thumb Amanda Lezan