The Benefits of Board and Train for Dogs

Many of us are still working from home. This means that an unruly furry friend can create major stress throughout the work day. Traditional training is often difficult to incorporate into a busy schedule — so what can you do? Board and train is an amazing solution for those who need results without the time that traditional training requires. Read on to learn about the benefits of board and train programs!

What is board and train for dogs?

Board and train refers to a type of training program where dogs stay with a certified trainer or in a training facility. Duration would be in the day or night for an extended period of time. These programs typically last between two and four weeks.  

Most board and train programs go over basic commands such as “heel”,“sit,” “down,” “stay,” and “come.” If needed, there are also programs that focus on behavior modification for issues such as aggression, reactivity, anxiety and socialization..

Traditional training programs might involve a weekly class or individual lessons with a trainer who will teach you how to train your own dog. Board and train is unique because the majority of the work is done for you! While the owner gets a break from stressing about an untrained dog, the dog is hard at work with a professional. 

What are the benefits of boarding and training?

As previously mentioned, dog board and train is a wonderful solution for people who may not have the time or patience it takes to commit to a traditional training program. This may include people with hectic work schedules, parents juggling children’s activities. Or simply people who are overwhelmed by the amount of time and effort it takes to train a dog.

Board and train is also a great option for families going on vacation! If you’re already boarding your pet, you might as well return from travel with a fully trained dog. In traditional boarding situations, dogs may get a little bored or anxious during a long stay. Board and train is the complete opposite; your dog will be working with a trainer and other dogs for the majority of the day.

Of course, the most important benefit of this is the training itself. Oftentimes, while stuck in a familiar environment, dogs struggle to change their annoying, distracting or downright destructive habits. However, this program is designed to create a brand new environment for your dog. This is believed to encourage dogs to create new habits. 

What is the owner’s involvement in a board and train program?

Though board and train programs traditionally involve a trainer doing the grunt work with your dog, the owners are still an important process. The only way to make the program successful is for the owner to continue the work at home. 

Luckily, one of the biggest benefits of these services is that you won’t be starting from scratch. As long as the owner can continue to enforce the habits and discipline created by the board and train program, the dog should be able to take the skills learned at board and train and apply them back in their familiar environment.

Additionally, it may be beneficial to look for a program that provides unlimited follow ups. This means that if, upon returning home, your dog struggles to apply some of their new skills, the trainer from the board and train program will continue to assist your dog in its transition back to home. 

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