What is a Dog Board and Train Service?

A dog board and train gives you a jump start and takes care of a lot of the “dirty work.”  Got a wild pup and no time to train? You need a board & train!

What does dog boarding help with?

In the early stages of training it can take a lot of patience to teach the new commands/behaviors and do lots of repetitions. Board and train gets the difficult beginning part out of the way for you. 

It is also a great way to “reset” your dog by removing them from their current environment of bad habits. Technically we are re-teaching them in another. Board and trains can be a great option for when you travel instead of just doing boarding. 

Why not get the much needed training done at the same time? Our board and train dogs will often be participating in daycare throughout the day. While they are here for training, they also improve their social skills. We have a 2 week minimum because that is at least how long it takes to change the dogs brain from old habits. In many cases the 4 week program is needed for longer term habits, older dogs, or off leash obedience.

With our programs, you are going to have a dog that now knows better behavior and many new commands. 

Board and Train: A ‘head start’

Don’t think you are totally off the hook however. We give a full lesson upon return so you know how to keep up with the training. It must be applied as strictly as possible, otherwise the dog will notice you are not consistent. They will try to revert back to old behaviors. We now offer unlimited follow ups so we can really help preserve the hard work we put into your dogs. Should any issues arise. We do have such a high success rate, most of our clients haven’t even used their follow up lessons!

For dogs that have already trained with us, we offer maintenance training during daycare or boarding to keep their skills fresh. For just a little extra fee on top of our daycare or boarding rates, we will keep your dogs mind stimulated and their behavior consistent.

Dogs can get confused by inconsistency. Just like humans. Board & train services give your dog their best chance to learn their manners and commands. 

Our program is run by Master dog trainer, Julie McLean, owner of Zen Doggy Den in Wheat Ridge, CO. We have very high standards in our training approach, so you can be assured that your pup will be showered with disciplined love while they go through the program. You can even come back for “tune-ups” when needed. 

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About Zen Doggy Den | Dog Board & Train in Denver, CO

Zen Doggy Den is a Denver-based dog boarding and training facility. Our services include doggy daycare, dog boarding, private dog training, and dog board and train services. 

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